Cycling solo, East. The new plan

So  a little later than planned, starting in a different continent and riding in a different direction, or rather the same direction as I rode this summer, I have started. Je suis parti Calais pour monter mon velo.

There is a lot to say about Calais, the refugee crisis, volunteering. Something that I will talk about later. For now, the experience I have had these past months has influenced my perspectives on the way I live my life, the law, the media, stereotypes, people, work, money. A lot. I am not radicalised, I am still me. I still think hard work matters, education matters, information matters and that there are so many different forms of right and wrong. I still like riding my bike. But I think it will influence how I ride on in the future.

So, the new plan. To not really have a plan, for now. I think I will ride for longer interspersed by time spent volunteering, working, learning new skills and meeting new people. This means less plan and also more stuff. After a day of climbing uphill I am already reconsidering whether I really need a pair of jeans and shoes.

To start with, I am riding East/South East. From Calais to Donaueschinge and the start of the river Danube. From there, I think I will ride as far as Belgrade  along the river before turning south and heading to Greece to do some more volunteering &/or working. Makes sense to make the most of being able to work in the EU while I can.


3 thoughts on “Cycling solo, East. The new plan

  1. Hi Rose, great choice to ride along the Danube. Caroline and I followed it from Ulm to Budapest in 2013. It’s wonderful, especially through Austria and Slovakia. Also, we are continuing on from Budapest to the Black Sea, starting on April 20th. Would be great if our paths crossed, but I doubt the timing is right. Do you have a schedule or just taking it as it comes?


    1. Hi Rob, awesome. Haven’t got off to a great start but hoping after tomorrow with a improved rear wheel to get a bit further. I’l Probaby just miss you guys although perhaps not if progress doesn’t improve. Will stay in touch 🙂


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